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Log in or Sign up. Jul 28, 1. While at it I also want to check the cylinder latch. The basic problem is that when the hammer is cocked the cylinder does not always rotate. Actually, if I hold the revolver up side down the cylinder just does not rotate. I suspect a weak spring on the Hand and Spring assembly.

Colt 1851 Navy Revolver

I assume we have some espertise with this revolver. How difficult is it to get to these parts? As I disassemble, should I expect to see springs fly?? BAsically, is it an easy firearm to disassemble and re assemble? Anything that I should know before I operate tonight?

Jul 28, 2. Joined: Apr 9, Messages: 1, It's not hard to take it appart. You start by removing he little screws holding the backstrap in place. Pull it off with the grip. The main spring screw is next.

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Then the trigger guard screws come out, followed by the two finger flat spring for the trigger and bolt. The rest of the parts are easy enough. Your problem could be the hand spring. Dixie gunworks and egunparts. If you have a brass frame, then other problems may exist. Brass frames can stretch causing the cylinder to be too loose for the hand to reach and turn properly. This can be fixed, but it's a little more involved than most hobby gunsmiths are ready to work on.

Jul 29, 3. Thanks to you last night's operation was a success. The disassembly was as easy as you described. After your instructions it was easy to remove the hammer screw and slide out the hammer and hand assembly.

Stretching the hand spring back does seem to solve the cylinder rotation problem and I plan on replacing the assembly. While I had it apart I noticed that the "roller" mounted on the bottom of the hammer was not rolling.

How important is it for this to actuall roll down the hammer spring?Ground Shipping on all U.

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Colt Navy. Made in Action indexes. Cylinder is matching.

Colt Black Powder Revolvers 1851 Navy (F Frame)

Good overall condition. A reasonably priced Navy. Barrel has Hartford address. All numbers are matching. Bottom of butt strap is Colt Navy Early 3rd Model C Colt Navy Early 3rd Model. This one of the earliest known 3rd model Navy being serial number The earliest recorded 3rd Model is Nice sharp gun with dark gray patina with some traces Colt Navy Iron Strap Revolver. Nice even gray patina. Rare gun with an iron trigger guard and iron backstrap.

Cylinder scene is mostly gone, but some is present Colt Navy Revolver C Colt Navy Revolver. Small guard gun. Metal is nice and sharp with a very light brown to gray patina. Cylinder scene is very good.

Grips are very good. Gun is all matching.

euroarms 1851 colt navy

Very nice sharp gun!Local Listing Results Show All. Local Listing Results. Searching for your Local Listings Sorry, there are no results in your area.

Please try a new zip code and search again. Hide Local Listings. Refine Your Search. Colt Percussion R Black Powder Muzz Sort by Armi Sport Navy. Email for more pics. Gun : GA Sales: Pietta Navy. Uberti Navy 36 Caliber - 7. Pietta Navy. This listing is an unusual but attractive curio meant to represent a Colt model Navy percussion revolver.

euroarms 1851 colt navy

As a curio this item is strictly a piece of art and is non-firing and Colt Navy 4th Model 36cal. Bore id in good condition Barrel address," Address Col. Sam Colt, New York, Colt Model Navy Revolver.Colt Model Navy Percussion Revolver. The Colt Navy revolver became one of the most popular handguns ever produced, seeing totals reach someexamples by Credit: Image copyright www.

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At the end of the 's Samuel Colt was hard at work designing a new revolver of. The revolver then began production at the Colt Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company out of Hartford, Connecticut in and manufacture would last until By this time, newer revolver types had appeared along with advances in cartridge design, but the Colt Model Navy would stand the test of time and remain a fixture across the globe. In fact, the Colt Model Navy proved to be one of the famous revolvers in firearms history with sometoproduced - essentially becoming the Colt concern's first "true" financial success with numbers only strengthened by the arrival of the American Civil War - The Colt Model Navy received its "navy" designation by the usual depiction of a naval warfare scene engraved on the ammunition cylinder.

The scene recounted the Battle of Campeche which had occurred in and involved the republics of Texas and Yucatan versus the nation of Mexico. While known for this engraving, not all Model s were finished in this way - some simply utilizing basic smooth-sided cylinders instead. Despite the engraving's tribute, the revolver was not commonly used by naval forces as the name implies and use of the "navy" name went on to generically identify most any future revolvers being.

At its core, the Colt Model Navy was a single-action, percussion cap revolver with a rotating cylinder containing six rounds of. As a "single-action" system, the revolver required the operator to "cock" the hammer before each firing.

The first detent of the hammer set the weapon to "half cock" and allowed rotation of the cylinder while the second detent placed the revolver in "full cock", ready for fire similar in action to the flintlock pistols that the percussion cap types replaced. Design of the revolver was "open frame" meaning there was no connecting bridge found across the top of the ammunition cylinder.

The trigger was held low in the design and ahead of an elegantly formed pistol grip with flared bottom. The barrel was octagonal in form and completed to a 7.

Weight was approximately 1. Sights were found at the front bead type and at the rear notch at the hammer. As the Model Navy utilized percussion cap firing, these "caps" were added to each nipple at the ammunition chamber rear.

Each chamber was also filled with gunpowder with the lead ball bullet seated therein. Construction of the Model Navy was very basic with the revolver able to break down into roughly about eleven major pieces including the barrel, hammer, cylinder, trigger, hand assembly, main spring, arbor, bolt, bolt spring and breech.

This allowed it to be very robust and reliable when abused in the wide open spans that was the American Wild West. While typically remembered as an American revolver, the Model Navy also made its way to Europe where it was used across Great Britain, Poland and Prussia as well as the empires of Austro-Hungary and Russia.

Over 20, of the type were even manufactured at the London-based Colt London Armory. Year: Overall Length: mm The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. At this time, we ask you to call and speak to a salesman to purchase firearms. We do this to assure you are getting the firearm you want, by describing condition to you in person. There may have been something over looked while writing a description that your salesman will catch for you.

This should make the possibility of returning a firearm less likely. Also on Saturday from - pm. We hope this will continue to have exactly the firearm you are expecting delivered to you.

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Pietta 1851 Navy 36 cal Revolver from Cabelas

Current Stock: 1. Call To Purchase. Share This Article. Original blue finish, brass frame and varnish finished smooth walnut grips. Scroll engraving. Includes the original box which is numbered to the gun. Used, showing light wear and some handling, turn line on the cylinder.Photo: Terril James Halbert. It was also to be more powerful than the pocket. The Colt Navy uses a. Over two hundred thousand were produced and the pistol was a mainstay of both sides of the American Civil War.

It also saw adoption by Britain, Prussia, and others—making it one of the first internationally adopted military handguns. Today, Pietta and Uberti of Italy are making Navy replicas that are both true to the original, yet made of modern, durable steel.

The gun must be in the half-cock position so the cylinder can be rotated for loading. Lastly, a No. It is quite close to those original guns in design and lines with a deep blue to steel parts like the barrel and cylinder and a rainbow-like casehardening applied to the frame, hammer, and thin-faced trigger.

The second box to check is the grip frame. While the frame that houses the grips—as well as the trigger guard—is made of brass, it is formed well and houses a stained, one-piece walnut grip.

The third aspect that will jump out is the famous Battle of Campeche roll mark engraving on the six-shot cylinder. What certainly makes it utilitarian is the stupidly simple design. We have a single-action only revolver with rudimentary front post front sight and a rear notch ground in the hammer face. The barrel is attached to the action not by an enclosed frame, but by a wedge mated to the cylinder arbor. This might come as a culture shock today, but this was the system that worked well and dominated handguns for some time.

Black powder revolvers are an interesting animal and one that is bound to get attention at the range. To start, I put No.

With that done, you can load your paper cartridges or loose powder and bullet. With this pistol, it was mostly the latter.

euroarms 1851 colt navy

The hammer is drawn back to the half-cock position so the cylinder spins freely. Drop powder down each chamber, followed by a bullet which is rotated under the rammer and pushed down into the cylinder with the hinged loading lever. It is worth noting that using round ball projectiles is as easy as popping it over the chamber mouth and rotating for ramming while longer, conical bullets require a bit of starting to get going. With all chambers loaded you may elect to put grease over the chamber mouths to mitigate black powder residue that builds up shot after shot.

Historically, conical bullets right loaded in paper cartridges were the way to go when carrying ammo, but there is nothing wrong with loose powder and bullet—or ball.Remember Me?

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Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Colt Navy model 36 caliber I just purchased a colt navy model and would like to know a little about it. When was it made, is the manfuacture maker a good one do they make a good solid gun as I want to use it as a target shooter, what is the model name Navy Model or what. The serial number is The other side of the barrel has 36 cal. Navy Model black powder only. The cylinder has ships engraved on it also has Patent N.

On the case under the cylinder there is a star with PN under itxx8 and also a star with a shield but can not make out what is in the shield. Did I over pay? The Colt Navy model is commonly referred to as the model of Unless it is a model of but those are less common and you can look up pictures to see the difference.

Euroarms, Colt 1851 Navy Disassembly

It is known as the Colt Navy because of the naval battle scene on the cylinder, not because the USN was the big buyer. Euroarms in Brescia, Italy IS the manufacturer. I have no experience of their quality or the value. There ought to be somewhere a Roman numeral or two letters in a square as a date code.

Hy Score was in operation from about tilbetter known for their air guns than black powder. Yours may have come in with the first wave of Civil War Centennial repros but the date code will tie it down.

I have a few facts and a lot of opinions. XX8 is probly in the late s to Os. The naval battle scene says 'Engaged' not engraved. The cylinder featured a roll-engraved scene of a battle between ships of the navies of the Republic of Texas and Mexico.

The battle took place in the Gulf of Mexico on May 16th, Don't know of date codes using arabic numerals, but XX is ' These are not target pistols, so don't expect target pistol performance out of them.

euroarms 1851 colt navy

Especially with the rudimentary sights supplied and the open frame design. PN is the proof mark, N is for Negro and not nitro. XX8 is


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