Super robot wars j english rom

Although many fans suspected this is due to copyright backlash with Winkysoft, it is stated in an interview with the creator of Super Robot Wars that he merely wants to give more plot attention towards the other original characters, considering the previous titles have dealt with the Maso Kishin plots rather extensively. Additionally, the game features the first appearance of Sanger Zonvolt, who will later become one of the main characters of the 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha.

STORY: Shortly after the events of Alpha, the Earth Federation has covered up many of the events in the climatic battle with the Aerogaters, but the gravity shockwave from the detonation of the Excelion from Gunbuster in the Battle of the Solar System's Absolute Defense is rapidly approaching the Earth, and threatens to wipe out the space colonies and even the planet itself.

Unfortunately, the heroes are sent to an alternate future, where the Earth has been ravaged by the wave. Faced with a new threat in the form of the Ancestors, the heroes must find a way to return to their time and prevent the alternate, dystopic future from happening.

Manufacturer's description: A big hit with "a Super Robot Wars" sequel appeared to enjoy a side story. Allegations that follow from both the allies' security guard action "and added," proficiency "by improving the system, such as by varying degrees of difficulty, each can enjoy a game even more profound.

Features: Third person perspective. There are others that will work better or worse for your particular hardware.

We provide you with one working set-up so that you may get the game up and running, hassle-free. On stage 30, have Jiron convince Elche. We couldn't find some of the information and covers for this game.

When more accurate information or covers are obtained, the entry will be updated adding the missing information. You will find instructions on how to proceed. Japanese Menus and gameplay are in Japanese.

Official Title. Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden.

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Common Title. Serial Number s. Tactical RPG.By squall23Dec 27, 24, 18 0. Super Robot Wars J English translation patch complete. Level 3. Joined: Nov 19, Messages: Country:. Level 2. Joined: Jun 14, Messages: 1, Country:. BoxShot Chiyo-chan Joined: Dec 18, Messages: 3, Country:. Finally I can play more Super Robot Taisen in english! Callahah Advanced Member. Joined: Nov 7, Messages: 84 Country:. Yes,it's finally out! And a pretty good one this patch is! Those guys know their stuff. Played already up to Stage 3 and everything is fine so far,perfect!

Oh yeah,patch is in xdelta format. Level 4. Joined: Oct 10, Messages: 1, Country:. I think I may have heard of this game before I'll have to look into it. Hopefully it'll get me playing the Nintendo DS again GBAtemp Patron. Joined: Jun 18, Messages: 2, Country:. Level Joined: Jul 14, Messages: 9, Country:.

super robot wars j english rom

Joined: Oct 23, Messages: 11, Country:. Too bad that this SRW episode doesn't feature Evangelions. Vigilante TempLurker. Joined: Jan 1, Messages: 1, Country:.

Now maybe its time for the, to start working on the robot wars series in the ds probably,there is like 4 of them.

Super Robot Wars J (English) - Strike Rouge Gundam All Attacks

Joined: Jun 5, Messages: 1, Country:. What mecha are featured here?By dgwilliaJul 5, 55, 20 0. Page 1 of 2. OP dgwillia The Bacon Lover. Level 5. Joined: Mar 9, Messages: 2, Country:.

Was curious of why no one has tried to translate it yet or even do a basic attack menu etc one. KiC Member.

Super Robot Taisen J Translated ROM

Level 2. Joined: Jul 22, Messages: 43 Country:. As most people here probably don't even know the use of a debugger, it's not surprising there's nothing for this game.

Level 3. Joined: Aug 27, Messages: Country:. The game is very easy to play in jap, even IF you never even read a japanese character in your life. FirePanda11 Member. Level 1. Joined: Jul 5, Messages: 16 Country:. I think this game needs at least a patch for the menu. Screwing around finding out what's what isn't fun.

I also agree it can be played in Jap though. Joined: Feb 1, Messages: 11 Country:. If that wouldn't happen, maybe i'll reconsider having psp just for the voice acting and pure animation alone. But then again, playing with skipping the whole dialogue and read the translation for it after OR before it is no fun.

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Maybe i'm just being selfish, but seeing the story unfold in the game is genuine fun. It could help them rack the import sales. ZangerZanvolt Newbie. Joined: May 16, Messages: 2 Country:. Joined: Oct 13, Messages: Country:.

Super Robot Wars F (J)

Cortador GBAtemp Fan. Joined: Nov 27, Messages: Country:. There is a Menu translation for it. Joined: Dec 6, Messages: Country:. Curan Newbie.

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Joined: Mar 20, Messages: 5 Country:.Language :. Genre : RPG - Tactical. Year : Weekly games : 1. There are no comments to display. The game takes place 4 months after the events of Super Robot Wars 3.

A special, but shady, secret police force, the Titans, are created in response to terrorist acts and internal trouble between the Earth and its space colonies. Meanwhile in the shadow old and new enemies menaces Earth: they are the Poseidals aliens from outer spacethe Guests another alien race and the now rebuilt DC army.

F covers the first 34 stages of the game, F Final deals with stages from 35 to the end of the game. It's possible to import a savegame from F and continue the game from here or to start F Final from scratch with default settings and units. Gameplay mechanics are the same of Super Robot Wars 4. The title is a turn based strategic game.

Alternative versions Super Robot Taisen F. In the year New ADan enormous alien spacecraft crash-lands on Earth, making humanity acutely a Super Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden. Super Robot Taisen F Kanketsuhen. Super Robot Wars 3.

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Les Nations-Unies donn Super Robot Wars: Complete Box. Super Robot Taisen R. Super Robot Taisen D. Super Robot Taisen J. Shin Super Robot Taisen. Super Robot Wars is a series of tactical role-playing video games produced by Banpresto, which is no Dai 2 Ji Super Robot Taisen.

super robot wars j english rom

Des scientifiques Super Robot Spirits. Super Robot Taisen Alpha. Super Robot Taisen Super Robot Taisen: Link Battler. Dai 3 Ji Super Robot Taisen.

Super Robot Taisen - Original Generation. In the near future, a team of scientists discover alien technology embedded inside meteors, which le Dai 4 Ji Super Robot Taisen.A series of awesome tactical role-playing video games that involves mech robots from various anime series.

I can read the Story on Gamefaqs or other sites, but I would prefer which unit is the one I am Upgrading in Advance Seriously, that game's menus are a slog if you don't know Japanese like me. I'm not too familiar with what games had menu patches. I'm not familiar with W having one Though there's an LP that covers W's storybut anyone that's aware of one for W or any other games can chime in. W Very limited. It only really translates the Combat Menu and a few Spirits effects, no names.

It's also super obscure, I had to ask in the Akurasu Discord if anyone had it and I got lucky. Alpha has a notoriously buggy Menu Patch that, while it does translate Menu's and Spirits, is very messy. It hangs on dialogue in most Emulators and has a point where it freezes on whatever your playing it on. I haven't tested it for myself yet, but I think someone posted a proof of concept patch for Alpha 3 that translated most of the Combat Menu's.

I have no idea what happened with the GC Translation, but they may have a Patch floating around from an early preview. D Patch is also bugged. I cannot Advance pass more than Chapter 5 because because the Game Freezes. Yeah like, im so confused about this! Like theres just so little information about whos translating what and where everything is! Alpha had a patch in the works. SRW 4 has a menu patch and 2ndOGs has a good online line-by-line translation.

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Super Robot Taisen D (J)

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super robot wars j english rom

The translation is fully complete and without any known issues. Discuss this news. This is a dramatic improvement over the patch released at the end of in nearly every sense, technically, linguistically, and aesthetically. The bad names have been fixed, the translation has been doublechecked, and the game has been completely re-hacked from the ground up using the code written for SRW EX.

The new release is complete and should be issue-free; enjoy! That makes AGTP twenty years old today. As such, I thought it might be nice to give an overall update on where a number of things stand. Note that the project descrpition is just a placeholder for now. Of these, Romancing SaGa 2 is officially available commercially in English, Goemon 2 has a very promising project in the works by somebody else, Sutte Hakkun and 3x3 Eyes were finished by other groups, and Fire Emblem both has other English options available and suffered a similar fate as the SNES Super Robot War games with questionable script translation decisions.

I apologize to anyone who was looking forward to these, but please be assured that there are other options available for all of them. Lastly, an update on priorities for the year.


Look for more good news soon! The release is complete and should be issue-free; enjoy! As an aside, the work on EX has been successfully back-ported to Super Robot Wars 3, and an update to that patch that both fixes the numerous name translation mistakes and improves the technical presentation is in the works.

A further update on that is forthcoming. In the meantime, EX works well as a stand-alone game or as a mid-story palette-cleanser for The Elemental Lords. Though the dialog itself is mostly fine, the terminology is in dire need of an update. Further, as EX shows, it could look a lot better than it does. For me personally this journey has encompassed a second undergraduate degree, a cross-country move, a complete career change, multiple periods of both employment and unemployment, the licensure of one of our translation patches, and the beginnings of a family, in addition to having to deal with several project-related IRC and Discord raids, hate speech, and generalized harassment from the SMT community at large.

I do this for the enjoyment of the process, to challenge myself to produce work of ever-higher caliber. No updated patch for SMT1, no back-porting of if To those who were looking forward to the aforementioned, I truly apologize.

Maybe focus on cleaning up your community.


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